Saturday, May 15, 2021

The splendor of the Matterhorn is able to hypnotize anyone. And the Linea Bianca cameras offered a taste of it, including ice caves and trekking.

The well-known program with Massimiliano Ossini, Giulia Capocchi and Lino Zani made a stop in Valle d’Aosta, and went to discover the splendor of the Matterhorn . Starting at the summit of the Furggen , he led the spectators through the splendid panoramas given away by Valtournenche, to then arrive in Val di Themes . Explorations of various kinds, which come to include the cave of the Piccolo Cervino, really able to amaze anyone with their own charm.

Ice cave: pearl of the Alps
The cave of the Piccolo Cervino is one of the most intriguing places that the Alps have to offer. It is the highest ice cave in Europe, being placed at a good four thousand meters. Venturing so far is an incredible experience, which many decide to undertake and then remain absolutely satisfied at the sight of this natural creation, set in the Klein Mattherhorn glacier .

Every year thousands of tourists venture into the cave, reachable thanks to the cable car, reaching the Piccolo Cervino. In the same way it is possible to reach it from the station, taking advantage of a magnificent gallery of 50 meters entirely dug in the live ice. Fantastic light effects that can be enjoyed in the cave, located 15 meters deep , for a visit enlivened by sweet music, able to generate a general magical state.

Conca di Cheneil: magic out of time
Many routes dedicated to trekking on the Matterhorn . One of these, a few kilometers from Cervinia, leads directly to the basin of Cheneil , reachable only on foot, putting its resistance to the test. This is the most famous terrace among those on the ridge between the Val d’Ayas and Valtournenche.

A free service is offered to tourists and locals, open 24 hours a day. It is the perimeter lift that starts from La Barma, where you can easily park your car, and then reach the entrance to Cheneil. Needless to say though that venturing on foot is something highly recommended, to generate indelible memories.

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