Sunday, May 16, 2021

The Matese Regional Park offers an ancient area to be discovered, traveled by man since ancient times. From sports to traditional flavors, there are many reasons to visit it.

The Matese Regional Park is a beautiful protected area in Campania, which opened its doors in 2002. It has quickly become a real paradise for all sportsmen , from those who love to try their hand at long trekking sessions to those with their mountainbike would go anywhere. Various activities are possible, such as grass skiing or alpine skiing and hang gliding. In some areas it is also possible to climb into the saddle and treat yourself to relaxing horseback rides, as well as set off on an adventure and find yourself part of a group of speleological hikers.

The area of ​​the Matese consists of a chain of predominantly calcareous mountains, which extend between Molise and Campania . In addition to the well-defined tourist routes, it is characterized by a prevalence of areas to be considered wild, characterized by a particularly rich fauna thanks to the presence of three lakes : del Matese, Letino and Gallo. It will be possible to come face to face with foxes, badgers, marmots, dormice and all those species typical of the deciduous forest. However, there are also animals that generally belong to more open environments. Just think of hares and wild boars. Many, however, look forward to admiring some magnificent wolves, as well as agolden eagle .

The paths of the Matese Regional Park have been followed by man since ancient times , as attested by the Palaeolithic site of Isernia. This area was the stronghold of a particularly tenacious people, the Samnites , who for a long time stood up to the armies of the Roman Empire. In these territories it is possible to find traces of the Goths , Vandals and Lombards , including monuments and sacred caves.

A story as old as it is intriguing, made up of various peoples, such as the Saracens , whose arrival is witnessed by the castles and fortified monasteries. The villagesthey bear the marks of splendor and riches, of different styles and periods of particularly difficult famines. The territory still speaks and tells of Normans, Swabians and Angevins, for an incredible experience, which will lead them to immerse themselves in the history of these places.

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