Sunday, May 16, 2021

Do you have a week and are you looking for a low cost trip? Then the Baltic countries are for you. In fact, within seven days you can organize your tour to discover Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Fascinating destinations where the cost of living is not particularly high. So you will be able to stay and eat without spending a fortune, and at the same time visit three capitals to be discovered. Many tour operators offer complete packages, but you can also bet on a DIY trip, starting from Italy with a low-cost flight to Vilnius or Tallinn, and from there travel by bus or train.

Starting from Vilnius as a first stop, you can spend a couple of days in the capital of Lithuania . Since 1994 its historic center has been Unesco heritage, with the Cathedral Square dedicated to Saints Stanislaus and Vladislaus. Do not miss the old city, the Jewish ghetto and the Torre del Castello, with a view that embraces the entire city. From here it is worth a trip to Trakai Castle , just a few kilometers from Vilnius. The only castle in Eastern Europe built on water. It seems that the wife of the Grand Duke Kestutis did not like living in a place without water, and her husband decided to have the castle built in the middle of the lake.

Leave Lithuania and spend a day or two in Riga , the capital of Latvia on the shores of the Baltic Sea. The buildings not to be missed are in the old city, where in Piazza del Municipio you will find the Riga Cathedral, the Cat House, the House of the Black Heads and the Three Brothers. Baroque masterpieces to be combined with a visit to the Castle and the Cathedral of San Pietro. At 70 km from the city you can plan a visit to the Palazzo Rundale , a masterpiece of Baroque architecture built in 1740 as a summer residence of the Dukes of Courland. Its sumptuous interiors and the immense surrounding park make it a unique treasure.

End your journey in Tallinn (from where you can leave for Italy). Walking through the streets of the Estonian capital it will seem like living in a fairy tale. From the walls surrounding the old town to the Piazza del Municipio, without forgetting the churches of San Nicola, Spirito Santo, Sant’Olav (which boasted the highest spire in Europe) and the Cathedral of Aleksandr Nevskij. If you go in winter don’t miss the Jagala waterfall (30 km from Tallinn), which turns into a spectacular ice sculpture.

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