Sunday, May 16, 2021

Have you already bought your plane ticket and are you already looking forward to your longed holiday ? Before “parking” your brain on vacation in view of a well-deserved rest, to avoid unpleasant surprises we advise you to carry out – about a week before your flight – a quick check on your reservation . In fact, the airlines have the right to modify it, making your journey much less comfortable than expected.

The aircraft, for example, can be replaced at the last minute, without passengers being warned. The flight can be canceled or delayed, the scheduled stops can be changed and, last but not least, the assignment of seats can vary : even if you paid to sit in the X row near the window, don’t feel therefore sure to be able to occupy your own that place. If you thought you paid to travel on a seat with extra space in front, you may bitterly discover that the place you had chosen does not match the one you will be placed on.

A significant problem for those who have problems with their legs and want to travel comfortably. You may also be unpleasantly surprised to find yourself sitting in the row where the emergency exits are located . In these places, it is not possible to hold any object – neither a handbag nor a coat – in the space in front of the feet during take-off and landing. And above all, passengers must be able to collaborate with the staff in case of danger . Not exactly the best for those suffering some anxiety.

Of course, airlines do their utmost to ensure that passengers occupy the place they have booked. But it is not always possible. What to do then not to be caught unprepared? We advise you to constantly monitor the flight conditions in the period prior to take-off and, if changes are known, to contact customer service for assistance .

The company could compensate you or decide to meet your needs. That’s right. If you had opted to sit near the wing because there is more stability and, instead, you find yourself in the queue, with a phone call you could change things. And save yourself the annoying up and down of any turbulence.

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